Having been a volunteer coach for over 10 years, from Division 3 to Division 1, I thought I could share a few tips that I have learned throughout my experience. I love coaching! It is so great watching our athletes improve and grow over the years.

Remember, it’s supposed to be fun for the athletes and for you! Try and enjoy yourself, it’s more than the score.

You don’t have to be an expert or even familiar with the sport you are coaching. The league provides a curriculum and tutorials to get you started. Plus, there is always staff around to help you set up a drill or introduce a new skill.

It is likely that you will have athletes with different skill levels. It makes a great opportunity to have the more advanced athletes help by demonstrating a drill or new skill. It’s a great leadership opportunity for them.

It is Ok to ask parents for help. Especially when an athlete is getting frustrated. They can help redirect behavior if needed. I also like to ask the parents if there is any special way to interact with their child that would help them succeed.
Coaching for Spirit League can be a rewarding experience for you, and it truly makes a difference in our kid’s lives.