When Toni joined Spirit League as a Game Day Assistant in the Fall of 2019, she was part of the first wave of new employees to join the growing League. She will complete her Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in Adaptive Physical Education later this year. Toni is a sports enthusiast in her free time and loves to play basketball with anyone willing to join her. Coach Toni will be our new Youth Program Athletic Director starting this summer.


What is extraordinary about Toni is her skill to adapt on game day to each athlete’s ability, whether through hand-over-hand instruction for a new 6-year-old baseball player or as a personable and encouraging instructor for adult athletes. Because of her work and personal experience, she is an effective staff member for Spirit League in that she understands how to teach to various levels, can problem solve on the spot while also being able to speak with parents on potential behavior modification options that can be adapted for the field/court. Parents often request “Coach Toni” for their athletes

“I enjoy working with Spirit League because they do not limit a person’s ability to be a great athlete. They provide individuals with special needs the incredible chance to be on a team and be successful…a chance they don’t get anywhere else.”