07 Oct

Soccer, Academics & Executive Functioning. They’re Connected?

By Dr. Claire Camaya Yet another benefit of Spirit League…a connection to academics and executive functioning. Dr. Claire Camaya, Spirit League Board Member and Director of Doors Educational Center, sheds light on how children and teens with special needs benefit from physical activity more than we may think. It is common knowledge that exercise is beneficial, it’s positive effects on physical and mental well-being widely studied. This is also the case for children with special needs, and it can be argued that, for them, exercise is even more important. Unfortunately,...

03 Oct

Dancing for Spirit

Sure, Spirit League is about team sports. But you should have seen what long-time Team Mentor Amirta did for Spirit League in August! After many years of dedicated study, she performed a Classical Indian Dance Recital in front of hundreds of friends and family. Instead of flowers or gifts, this amazing dancer asked for donations to Spirit League. As big sister to League athlete Arvind, Amirta has shown the true “Spirit” of generosity, support and love for our athletes. In...