14 Jan

Tips – Running and Kicking Skills

John Stout, Spirit League Board Member and Athletic Committee Member, is an Adapted P.E. Specialist with a local school district. He has provided the following tips for parents and volunteers who want to help kids and young adults with special needs practice their running and kicking skills. Pre-Run/Practice Tips (1 minute) Have runners put their hands on their stomachs and take in a series of full deep breaths through their noses. Have them feel their stomach expand as they breathe in and contract...

14 Jan

Basketball – One Week at a Time

For many children in our program, Spirit League is their first experience with team sports. Bryan is one of those children. Bryan started his first day of basketball afraid to walk onto the court; hiding on the sidelines. The former Spirit League Athletic Director and a Spirit League Board Member sat on the floor with him, offering encouraging words. While it took nearly 30 minutes on the sidelines, Bryan eventually joined his Team on the court; passing the ball to...

14 Jan

Overwhelmed… in a Good Way

Athletes Sam and Jake with their parents, Coach Sam and Katie. Our athletes with special needs gain so much when they participate as part of a team. Take Sam and Jake for example. These brothers, ages 9 and 6 years, play in Division 3, our youngest age division. On their first day with Spirit League, their mom Katie stood crying on the sidelines while watching them play soccer. When asked if she was alright, she responded saying that she couldn’t believe...