Volunteers are the face of Spirit League. They lend their time, talent, support and voice to the League every week. Meet Fahad; he is a UCI student who coordinates an incredible team of Team Mentors for all three Spirit League seasons. Fahad not only volunteers as a Lead Team Mentor but will step in to coach a team anytime. He demonstrates the spirit of Spirit League in every way. Enjoy this interview.

Spirit League: How long have you volunteered with Spirit League?

Fahad:  I started volunteering last year during soccer season! After this season I will have volunteered at Spirit League for 2 years!

Spirit League: You are a lead volunteer every season and parents often ask for their athlete to be on a team with you. What motivates you to come back each season?

Fahad: It is absolutely amazing to see the kids grow in just ten weeks. Each athlete not only learns to play a sport but also learns how to be a team player and grow as an individual. It is amazing to see that Spirit League can have such an impact on their athletes, and I am glad to be a part of that.  

Spirit League: What advice would you give to people considering volunteering as a Team Mentor or Coach with Spirit League?

Fahad: Everyone should do it! Not only is it a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday morning, but it is also the most humbling and rewarding experience. It has honestly made my college experience thus far!

Spirit League: What is your favorite sport and why?

Fahad: My favorite sport by far is soccer! I love being outdoors and playing with the kids. The kids also have a lot of fun so it is overall an amazing time!

Spirit League: What do you like to do in your free time?

Fahad: When I have some free time, I like exploring Irvine by going to the beach or going out to eat with my friends!

We are grateful for Fahad and his leadership of the UCI team of mentors. Make sure to introduce yourself next time you see him at the games.