Esteban enjoying a treat after a great soccer season.

Sure, Spirit League is a fun Saturday activity for our athletes. But did you know that benefits from the Spirit League experience can, and does, reach into everyday life?

Take Esteban Soto for example. Following in the footsteps of his big brother Eric, Esteban started baseball in 2015 as a tentative and overwhelmed player. He wanted to play badly but struggled with some of the physical and social skills needed to play a team sport. Despite these challenges, Esteban went on to play soccer in the fall then basketball in January 2016; all the while supported by his dad, Rodolfo (a veteran Spirit League coach).

Esteban’s mom, Martha, wasn’t surprised when his first grade teacher called last month to discuss progress at school. Esteban’s Adaptive P.E. teacher had noticed “a huge improvement in Esteban’s sports skills”. The Adaptive P.E. teacher further reported that since spring of last year, Esteban “has been more aware of his teammates, running and playing with everything better, following directions and overall enjoying sports and team activities.” This improvement directly corresponds to Esteban’s start with Spirit League. Martha states that she is “so thankful to this League. He truly is a happier kid now.”

Congratulations, Esteban! You are an incredible player and we hope all your dreams come true. We are so glad to have the entire Soto family in Spirit League.