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Spirit League is a safe place  for children and young adults with special needs to play team sports in a positive, self-esteem building environment.

The League is for athletes who are physically active (ambulatory) but have difficulty keeping up with their peers. We emphasize the learning of basic sports and social skills for boys and girls, ages 6-22 years, with autism or other developmental disabilities in Orange County, California.

We play three sports per  year including basketball (January – March), baseball (April – June) and soccer (September – November). Online registration for each season generally occurs two months prior to the start of games. See the Sports tab on our website for more information on each sport.

For our athletes, our goals are to foster self-esteem, enhance social skills and build friendships. For our families, our goals are to strengthen relationships, provide support and develop community.



Our athletes are typically unable to fully participate in their local neighborhood youth sports program due to one or more of the following challenges:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders;
  • Learning Disabilities;
  • Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy; and/or
  • Other mild physical & emotional disabilities.

Programs are co-ed and offer participants an opportunity to build self-esteem, create friendships, experience teamwork and have lots of fun. Parent participation is encouraged so plan for an enjoyable experience for the entire family where long lasting friendships are formed and everyone has fun and grows.

We offer three sports seasons per year including basketball, baseball and soccer. Games are organized according to the age of the athlete as described below. For baseball and soccer, the three age divisions typically play on Saturdays but at different times throughout the day. For basketball, Divisions 3 and 2 play on Saturdays while Division 1 plays on Sundays and at a different location.

  • Division 3: Ages 6 to 9 years
  • Division 2: Ages 9 to 13 years
  • Division 1: Ages 13 to 22 years



Mike Jarpe
President, Board of Directors


Dalia Viera
Treasurer, Board of Directors


Melissa Cory, OTL
President Emeritus, Advisor
Occupational Therapist
Travis McCracken
Member, Board of Directors
Claire Camaya, Phd.
Member, Board of Directors
Owner, Doors Educational Center


Sam Lau
Member, Board of Directors
Sales Director, Strategic Solutions, Cybera


Kevin Smith
Member, Board of Directors



Founded in 2004, Spirit League was created by parents of a child with learning and motor skill challenges who had trouble keeping up with his peers on the playground and in the neighborhood. They wanted to provide their child an opportunity to have a “team” experience and participate at his level of ability, in an organized sports league.


In 2004, Leslie and Mike Echolds felt that Orange County lacked a forum for “betweener” special needs kids to play sports, make friends, socialize and grow into adulthood. Little did they know what a need there was… or how deeply Spirit League would impact the lives of our long term “committed” players and families.

Their son, Jordan, started with Spirit League when he was 10 years old. He has grown as an athlete, as a person, and most importantly, has made many new friends. Today, while Leslie and Mike have lessened their involvement with Spirit League, they continue to support its wonderful work.

2019-20 Supporters

Autism Speaks Norma and Malcolm Baker Recreation Program

Bircher Anderson Realty

Michael Jarpe & Family

Angels Baseball Foundation

Rich Roeske & Family

Lloyd Rucker & Family

Dave Justus & Family

Andrew Curran & Family

Muhammad Naushad & Family

Caroline Choan & Family

Ryan Adluenda
Sara Ahern
Jody Alfaro
Evgeniya Alstatt
James & Jackie Alves
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Victoria Chan
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Caroline Choan
Graciela Chrena
Erica Coon
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Kenneth Coppola
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Virginia Crowe
Helen Curran
Khanh Dang
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Aunt Don (Donisha Quiller)
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Captain’s Auction Warehouse cares about athletes with autism. As one of the League’s largest corporate supporters, they raise awareness and donations for the League at each of their auctions in Anaheim, CA.