Coach Jody

Coach Jody

Meet Coach Jody.

Coach Jody has been a Spirit League coach for all three sports for nearly 6 years. The athletes love her coaching style.

Q: Why did you become a Spirit League coach?
A: I became a Spirit League Coach because I love sports, have grown up being an athlete and wanted to provide a fun and dynamic experience for children who are afflicted with special needs.

Q: What is your favorite Spirit League sport?
A: My favorite Spirit League sport is Soccer and then Basketball.

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering coaching a team for Spirit League?
A: My advice would be to dig deep and recognize that not every kid on your Team is going to be like yours and what you “are used to” dealing with.  You really have to understand the range of the team at hand and treat/manage each child as such.  I have found that most of our growth and success has not been from focusing on the athletics of the sport but more so working with each child to set them up for the most individual success as possible.