Challenge Week 2020


Now more than ever, our athletes need to return to play. Introducing Spirit League’s 1st Annual Sports Challenge Week designed to get our athletes outside, doing something they love, in the safest way possible – virtually!

Challenge Week
Each day from October 25 to 31, Spirit League will post an online video demonstrating a basketball, baseball, soccer or social skill. We challenge your athlete to practice that skill at home and then share their skills by tagging us in a photo or video on social media. Thank you for helping your athlete with these challenges and connecting with Spirit League in a whole new way.

Bonus: All athletes enrolled in a 2020 Spirit League sport will receive a custom neck gaiter (buff). Buffs were sent to 2020 athletes in mid-October. 


Every day from October 25 to 31, check out our demonstration video on Facebook with your athlete then post a photo or video of your athlete showing their unique challenge style or wearing their new Spirit League buff. Make sure to tag us in your post.

Instagram: @spirit_league

Facebook: @spiritleague

Twitter: spiritleague@spiritleague

Bonus: All athletes enrolled in a 2020 Spirit League sport will receive a custom neck gaiter (buff). Watch your mail in early October for your delivery so your athlete can wear it during Challenge Week.


Sunday Showcase: It’s the first day of Challenge Week! We challenge all athletes to create a video telling us what they love best about themselves. This doesn’t have to relate specifically to Spirit League. This video can be short and sweet, about 10 to 30 seconds. Each of our athletes are special, and we want to know what they think is special about themselves!

Monday to the Max: Athletes will be challenged to use proper kicking technique to kick a soccer ball as far as they can! Remember, players should be using either the inside part of their foot or the top of their laces to kick the ball.

Double Play Tuesday: Athlete’s choice-

  • Batting: Athletes will be challenged to hit as many baseballs in a row as they can (either using a tee or being pitched to) in 1 minute. Athletes should focus on using proper hitting mechanics and technique.
  • Ground Balls: Athletes should showcase how to field a ground ball accurately. Athletes must keep their head up, gloves down, wide stance, and use two hands to gather the ball into their gloves. Athlete must field 3 ground balls in a row using the proper fundamentals.

Weaving Wednesday: Athletes will be challenged to practice basketball dribbling skills by weaving through cones (or other objects to create a drill where athlete can dribble through back and forth) for at least 20 feet, down and back. Athletes must keep full control of the ball and dribble as fast or as slow as they feel comfortable with.

Toe Touch Thursday: Athletes must perform toe touches on a stationary soccer ball, bouncing and alternating their left and right feet on top of the ball for at least 30 seconds. The ball should remain in place. This is a great cardio workout!

Funky Friday: Athletes will be challenged to create a wild, crazy, and funky basketball shot of their own. Examples could be a half-court shot, shot behind the backboard, or any shot that seems wild and crazy!! Be creative. If they don’t have access to a basket, they’re be encouraged to use their imagination.

Superhero Saturday: Since we love our athletes and think that each and every one of them are super hero human beings, we challenge all our players to pose in their favorite superhero costume or Spirit League shirt. Examples could be flexing their muscles, pretending to save someone, jumping in the air, or any creative pose or video that represents how strong and special they are. Each one of them are superheroes!

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Captain’s Auction Warehouse cares about athletes with autism. As one of the League’s largest corporate supporters, they raise awareness and donations for the League at each of their auctions in Anaheim, CA.